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Power For Life Now aims to inspire and help people discover and reach more of their potential and achieve new breakthroughs in the art of living. With wisdom-filled lectures, heart-touching performances, potent life stories and age-old truths, Dr. Sharp can help you discover and claim more of your inner beauty, uniqueness, passion, power and capacity for joyfulness. He can help you re-connect to the awe and wonder of life, show you how to create joy from the inside out, demonstrate what a leap of faith looks like, illustrate creative ways to face your fears and overcome them, show you just how close you are to your dreams, and help you find the courage and motivation you need to move forward. Invite Dr. Sharp to speak at your next event. You will be guaranteed a SHARP performance!

Dr. Sharp's New Book
on discovering power and joy
I'm a balck man who are you for saleIn this true story, "I'm a Black Man, Who are You?" David takes you on a heroic journey of love, pain, courage and triumph. He shows you the agony of hatred and champions of love that helped him face his fears, stand his ground, and discover the deep inner well of joy and power as he learned vital life-lessons on the way to manhood. He shows you how to face life no matter what life makes you face, and what it means to remember who you are.

Dr. Sharp's KGNU Interview
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Tap Into Power For Life!
A Workshop Exploring Tap Dance as Spiritual Practice with Jeannine Goode-Allen and David Sharp
Tapping connects my body to the Earth in a profound and physically powerful way. It helps me stand my ground and move in the world with more focus, direction, and purpose.- David Sharp

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